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By combining your ceiling with our NOFISOL® Seal-S, we ensure an acoustically pleasant climate



Measurement results NOFISOL® Seal S 100/20


NOFISOL® Seal is composed of stonewool and is completely sealed with a thin, black acoustic open PE film. The acoustic black inlay board is applied above framework, lamellar, open lath and metal ceilings, where high acoustic and fire protection requirements are required. The board is not self-supporting and therefore not suitable for use in a profile system without supporting sub-structure. NOFISOL® Seal S is also usable in wall systems such as Dalhem Ribba Europe.


Technical Data Seal S:

Thickness : 20 mm up to 100 mm
Length : 1200 / 600 mm
Width : 600 / 300 mm
Density stonewool  : depending on the thickness
    variation 35 up to 100 kg/m3
Foil : Black HDPE foil
    Micro perforated
Euro Fire Class : A1 Stonewool
  : B-s1,d0 HDPE foil
Absorption : depending on application
Indoor Air Climate  : A
Cradle to Cradle : Silver Level
Leed Credits : Material Ingredient Disclosure 
  : Material Ingedrient Optimization




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